Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Phillie in Metropolitans Territory

My body didn't revolt after hitting the road again following my rest day in Poughkeepsie. On the contrary, it was happy to be back where it belongs, hugging the shoulder of the road and benefiting from a cooler, partly cloudy day on my way to Beacon.

Tuesday night was the completion of my Karen Baxter family trifecta: uncle's house on Sunday, mother's house on Monday and last, but not least, her father Jerry's place in Beacon on Tuesday. I might have to make up an MVP award for the month of September and present it to her when I stay with her and Don in New Jersey next Tuesday.

Jerry lives a stone throw from the Beacon Bridge right alongside the Hudson. I arrived just minutes before both he and his son Mark arrived home from work. Jerry couldn't remember when he last cooked. I told him I could relate. I hardly ever cooked for myself when I was living in Manhattan. Despite his lack of recent practice he threw something together and the three us enjoyed a dinner together. It wasn't fancy but it was all the more enjoyable because I could appreciated the consideration he showed me in altering his normal rhythm to commemorate my stay.

After dinner I got a chance to do something I truly love and hadn't yet done on this trip - sit in front of the TV and watch sports with another fan. The only problem is Jerry and I are fans of different teams. I was a Phillie fan behind enemy lines in a Mets household. We settled on tennis instead. We watched the brash Frenchmen Gael Monfils give Nadal a scare for one set before succumbing to his more talented opponent. We also found time to sneak looks in on various baseball games. The Mets, given their injury depleted roster, were getting toasted. The Phillies were, per usual, trying to hold on to a tenuous lead despite trotting out one of the worst closers in baseball. And the Yankees, not surprisingly, won with a walk off homer that we caught during a commercial break in the tennis.

Staying at a different house every night has been immensely rewarding. I love becoming a part of all the different conversations and routines that are intrinsic to each household. But sometimes it is nice to have a chance to do exactly what I would have been doing if I was at my own home. That night in Beacon, Jerry gave me an opportunity to do just that and I was deeply appreciative of that. I might even have to rethink my opinion of Mets fans.


  1. Garth, If you were at our house it's Phillies ALL the time. I think you were brave to venture into Metropolitan territory....

    Love hearing about your walks, and the photography is really cool. Hope you get better weather soon, for your sake and of course for mine too!

    Keep walking and keep writing and posting!
    Bob Myers

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